just had the weirdest dream that was basically the whole thing that happened with andrew and katrin and i only andrew was replaced by rvb wash for a lot of it and we were actually friends like our relationship was not based on sex and just the line

"how did you become mrs hecht before she did?"

i actually might cry forever

so that was an awful dream

basically like a hunger games style thing, only two kids from each school were pitted against each other, and I found myself up against alec nevin and i had to try and kill him and it was awful and i almost had him and at the end there was a knife that cut into me and I woke up but basically that was horrifying

had a dream that I was on a cruise last night and rooster teeth JJ was my JJ and he held my hand a lot a kissed me a bit and it was so nice holy crap

he kept me safe and he made sure that I said yes, that he definitely had consent, and he let me fall asleep on him- he held me- and he brought my chin up to kiss his neck and he wanted to make it so good for me and I love him so damn much.

had a dream last night that i was somewhere- i don’t quite know- but it was not in austin and it was not here. but i met some of the rooster teeth people (miles, burnie, and the ramseys sans gavin) and i honestly spent most of the time with millie and her and i were talking about me and i mentioned that i was going to be moving to austin in about a year but that i would be down there this fall and she was like “oh you should work for my dad!” so i went and talked to geoff and he was like “oh okay we’ll see when you get down there” and that made millie really excited because she was already pretty attached to me but then she got lost somehow- there was some chaos and she got scared and ran out and geoff went to look for her and so did i and i was searching everywhere and i ran into this family and i asked them if they’d seen a little girl with short blondish hair and they were like “oh yeah she was right back there” so i ran into this forest-y type thing and i heard geoff. apparently he had been under a tree that was struck by lightning and the tree fell on him and totally destroyed his leg and so i texted griffon and told her to come get geoff and kept looking fore millie. i was only looking for a few more minutes before i found her so we went and sat with geoff until we gould get him out and then we were in this hotel thing and everyone was safe and happy and i woke up feeling like i’d just run a marathon because of the adrenaline.

hahaha remember when i used to call andrew the hot freshman? it’s been about a year and a half and i’ve since made out with him, sexted him, grabbed his dick through his fucking khakis, and made him moan in the most ungodly way